Our Top 5 Concept Car Designs

New concept cars offer amazing examples of modern design, displaying the most advanced technologies and revolutionary ideas. We have a selected some of our favourites for you to check out.

Volkswagen ID Vizzion Luxury Sedan Concept

Compact yet spacious, the Volkswagen ID Vizzion Luxury Sedan has set the bar high for concept cars. The sleek framework is marked by LED light strips at the front, spanning the car’s length to connect in a narrowed blade-like bezel headlights at the rear end. However, the Vizzion concept car is particularly unconventional in one aspect, it lacks a steering wheel and pedals. The electric car is fully automatic, with self-driving capabilities.

Volvo Polestar Precept

Like most electric cars, the Polestar Precept doesn’t have a grille, instead the Precept uses this space to house its range of safety sensors, including two radar sensors and an HD camera. And because this is a Polestar, all the tech is covered by laboratory-like white glass and text. With a focus on sustainability, seat surfaces are made from PET recycled bottles, headrests are made from recycled cork and the carpets are made from reclaimed fishing nets.

Hyundai Genesis Concept Car

Genesis’ new electric sports car prototype is stunning. The Essentia concept is the brand’s first battery electric vehicle. It features a custom interior, lightweight carbon fibre frame and robust multi-motor powertrain. The car is inspired by the classic grand tourers of the 1960s, with Gran Turismo proportions, a long bonnet and swept-back cabin – but it has had a style update for modern tastes.

Rolls Royce 103EX

The most memorable concept cars are those that regardless of brand look like nothing else out there. And the futuristic Rolls-Royce 103EX definitely falls into this category. The autonomous vehicle is one of the most radical to ever come from this brand. The vehicle features an all-electric drivetrain and enhanced artificial intelligence that does everything from charting out the most efficient route to keeping track of your daily schedule.

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR

With its four high-performance and near-wheel-built electric motors, the VISION AVTR presents a particularly dynamic luxury saloon. The innovative all-wheel drive guarantees driving dynamics at the highest level while at the same time providing the best possible active safety. Large areas such as the back shell of the seat and the sky are decorated with a colour-changing fabric inspired by the sea. Depending on the light, the textile changes its colour from dark blue to a subtle light blue.

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