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Motoring News ‘Round-Up’

As we operate one of the most current and up-to-date automotive websites on the Internet, Iain Robertson summarises some of the minor news stories that we hope you will find interesting, while checking back through our growing archive, you will find more detailed information on many of the core subjects.

Sixty years of Mini; a birthday worth celebrating

In an age prior to The Beatles, before ‘flower power’ took hold and ‘Twiggy’ was tree remnant, recalls Iain Robertson, the original Mini set tongues wagging, with its front-wheel-drive, mega-efficient space and mere 10-feet footprint.

Hyundai i30N Fastback gets engine to match name

Calling it the first C-segment hot coupe, writes Iain Robertson, may be stretching credibility a touch but, armed with 272bhp, the new Fastback version of the South Korean carmaker’s popular i30 model is sure to turn heads and change opinions.

Purposeful 4x4 catered for by just three carmakers, Merc, Jeep and Suzuki

Ever since Land Rover deserted the ‘proper’ 4WD market, only three manufacturers have flown a more serious flag, states Iain Robertson, which underscores the value of SUVs in some respects but, focussing on the Merc, also narrows the field of choice.

Lexus goes the whole hog with latest RC F

Having enjoyed tremendous success with the motorsport-influenced version of its RC F coupe, reports Iain Robertson, Lexus has supplemented the new model line-up with a Track Edition that throws a cat among the performance pigeons.

Niche-spotting VW plays ‘parts-bin’ games with Tiguan

VW has been earning a reputation as the consummate range-filler, resulting from its Group product breadth, reports Iain Robertson, as it rationalises its mid-size SUV offering, while dabbling in its immense availability of suitable components.

New CLA gives Merc a medium sector saloon toehold

Said by Mercedes-Benz to be not only the most emotional vehicle in its class, but also hugely intelligent, highlights Iain Robertson, the new CLA hopes to dispel its former ‘melted cheese’ image with a stretched form and greater aerodynamic efficiency.

The next stage of ‘Peugeot-fication’ hits Vauxhall’s vans division

Having already latched onto the ‘Van of the Year’ status with its PSA-Vauxhall Combo, reports Iain Robertson, Vauxhall’s former IBC factory at Luton (all that remains of the former car-producing giant) will resonate with new Vivaro very soon.

EV pressure is on, as Nissan grows its Leaf

The evolution of the Nissan Leaf (EV) continues with two versions of the LEAF 3.ZERO, writes Iain Robertson, as the company broadens the appeal of EVs to more customers, with both models being ready to order immediately.

If music be the food of ‘life’, play on, suggests Seat

Classic rock and pop songs provide more of a mood-boost for drivers, states Iain Robertson, than modern day hits, according to a nationwide motorists’ survey curated by the Spanish arm of the Volkswagen Group, Seat UK.

Hyundai stretches credible accessibility with Elevate concept

Applauding Hyundai’s design enterprise, Iain Robertson appreciates that more specialised equipment is essential for the emergency services and showing this remarkable concept at January’s CES event is more than just stepping out.

Audi Q3 secures the high ground

Something magical has happened within the portals of Audi, states Iain Robertson, and, while he cannot quite place his finger on any single aspect, he recognises that not just its Q3 but several its other models also seem to have grown-up somewhat.

Ever-popular Qashqai replaces two engines with new Nissan 1.3-litre

Nissan is spreading its wings, suggests Iain Robertson, with a number of technological advancements not strictly reserved for the under-bonnet of its British-built and unceasingly successful SUV model range.

The latest Lamborghini Huracan EVO fits in many ways

Ever since Audi acquired Italian supercar manufacturer, Lamborghini, Iain Robertson held his breath in the hope that (firstly) he might be able to fit within its tight cockpit and (secondly) that it might be more attainable by enthusiasts.