Motor Source Group are taking part in Team Police's Advent Challenge

Motor Source Group are excited to be taking part in Team Police's Advent Challenge - a fun daily fitness challenge for December.

The Motor Source Group team are fully embracing the Advent Challenge as a great way to stay happy and healthy this festive season. 

Team Police tell us all about this challenge:

"Yes it is that time of the year when we are facing stuffing the turkey and ourselves, overindulging, being with our families, and frankly we need it after what we have all experienced this year! So to be ready for the festivities and as it’s the Team Police passion to get us all moving a bit more, we have devised The Advent Challenge – a fun daily fitness challenge for the whole family during December. 

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this is a great point in the year to take a little time to focus on your wellbeing and a fun way for the policing family to come together in these activities, even if that’s virtual this year. It’s all about participation, having fun and getting a bit fitter for the big day!

Now before you rush off for your training shoes, remember this is all about pace and stamina for the challenge as a whole. What you need to do is to get your body moving!"

We invite you to join the fun and share your progress on social media, be sure to tag us in your posts. 

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